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Meet the Halo Team

Jeremy Burton, Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy Burton

Jeremy Burton is the founder and CEO of HALO Social Meet-up mobile application. Jeremy is from St. Petersburg and is a native Floridian. He designed the HALO application, inspired by Apple's UI/UX, features, and ease of use. Jeremy served 17 years in the United States Navy, joining at 18. During his 17 years in the Navy, he traveled around the world, specializing in administration and travel coordination for various teams. Jeremy's vision with HALO is to change how people meet and make friends, encouraging them to meet in the real world and share ideas.

Daniel Boyd, Vice President

Daniel Boyd

Daniel Boyd is the author of the White Paper for HALO Social Meet-up, and Vice President, working closely with Jeremy Burton. He currently lives in St. Petersburg, Florida, and helps other veterans return to the World of Work. Daniel served ten years in the United States Air Force working in various Civil Engineering capacities, including joint task forces in Operation Desert Storm and Enduring Freedom and attending the Air Force Academy. Daniel has an extensive skill set and interest range, bringing his own experience in various fields to the team. Daniel is originally from Western New York and graduated with his Master's degree from SUNY University at Buffalo after separating from the military. Daniel was looking for new social media with privacy being a priority and shares Jeremy's vision of helping persons with similar interests meet in the real world, sharing ideas and human connection.

Timothy Stewart, Programmer

Timothy Stewart

Timothy Stewart has been writing code professionally for 17 years. He is currently working full-time as a Software Architect. Timothy started writing code at the age of 16, motivated initially to learn C++ to advance in the game Everquest. He created a business helping other players achieve their goals in the game. Timothy has proven to be innovative and highly skilled at everything he has put his mind. Timothy finds fulfillment through work. However, Timothy's goal is to make work fun. Timothy uniquely approaches problems as compared to the average. He is highly innovative, diplomatic, and not lackadaisical in his approach to challenges. Timothy will likely always be engaged in creativity and building services that fulfill others' needs, which is why he jumped at the opportunity to work with Jeremy in developing HALO as he wishes to have the freedom to work with his passion.


Pat R.

Pat R. has over 17 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. He found his passion in IT after completing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Pat always wanted to be part of something having a positive impact on the world as a whole and felt IT would better provide that opportunity. When he first met Jeremy, they briefly discussed the vision behind HALO Social Meet-up. In this short briefing, the idea and vision clicked with Pat. He immediately saw the potential to be part of this vision and positively impact people's lives. When Jeremy offered Pat to be part of this initiative, he gladly accepted. As Pat has indicated, any monetary benefits derived from his part he will donate to orphanages to help children in need.



Mark is an experienced Software Engineer and has worked in the industry for over six years. Mark has a degree in Computer Information Systems from California Polytechnic University – Pomona. Mark began his foray into the industry by starting a company with a group of friends who assembled computers and set them up for small offices. As computers became a commodity, profit margins dwindled, and so Mark found a desktop support job and started working on his degree. Mark is currently working for a large retail corporation integrating Warehouse Management and Automation Systems. Mark grew up traveling with his family due to his father's job and finished grade school at an English boarding school. He has lived in Spain, Taiwan, and Korea. Traveling at a young age left an impression on Mark, and he has great respect for other cultures. Mark brings his experience, expertise, and willingness to tackle the hard conversations regarding the development of HALO Social Meet-up application.